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Rotary Vibrators

Round bowl vibrators with gross volume from 100 to 1100 l, manual or automatic discharge of pieces. Rotary vibrators are universal machines suitable for different processes, from rough cutting to fine polishing.

Trough Vibrators

Trough vibrators are universal machines which are suitable for deburring, dry polishing and ball burnishing. These machines can either process one big piece at a time or the work bowl can be divided in separate sections enabling the treatment of delicate parts and avoiding the collision between pieces.

Ball Burnishing

Vibrators for ball burnishing with 3000 RPM motors. This category includes: trough vibrators (VB range), tilting machines with automatic unloading (VBR range), round vibrators with spiral bowl and rounded section (VBTSA range).

high energy disc machines

Centrifugal disc finishing machines with gross volume from 70 to 250 l designed for the deburring of metal pieces with the advantage of short processing time and high cut.


Vibrating dryers and drum dryers with corn cob (VBTD-DRV-DR range) or hot air belt dryers (AST range).

Continuous flow machines

Vibrating machines for deburring (VBLA range) or ball burnishing (VBLS range) in continuous flow guarantee a  non-stop work and are a cost-saving solution for the treatment of a great amount of pieces.

Process water recycling systems

Automatic chemical-physical water treatment plant (CA range) and centrifuges for the mechanical separation of the sludge (MC range) with a treatment  capacity from 500 to 3000 l/h.


Vibrochimica is specialized in designing and manufacturing soundproofing systems reducing the noise emitted by mass finishing machines.

Customized Machines

Vibrochimica is specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying complete vibratory finishing lines following customer’s requests and preliminary trials in our lab.

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