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The vibratory finishing or tumbling is a mechanical process which improves the surfaces of the treated pieces, thanks to a variety of different processes.

The elements characterising the vibratory finishing technology are: a suitable vibrating machine, abrasive chips, water and a chemical compound if needed.

The applications of the vibratory finishing technology are various:


Deburring is an inexpensive and efficient process suitable for removing edges and flaws deriving from the manufacturing process


The degreasing of metal pieces through vibratory finishing technology is an inexpensive and efficient alternative to traditional washing processes.


The removal of scales and oxidation through vibratory finishing technology is particularly efficient.


Radiusing processes can be performed in all Vibrochimica machines depending on the size and type of the piece.


This is a pre-treatment process (surface preparation) for other treatments like galvanizing, coating etc.

Polishing/Ball burnishing

Using high quality media, it is possible to get perfect results on all materials.


This treatment is designed for stone, wood and other materials for which an antique effect is required.

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