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VBT range

The VBT machine is  the most simple, inexpensive and versatile of all vibratory machines on the market today. These machines are recommended for medium to big parts, which  do not require an automatic unloading, or when working with small batches and different models.

The flat, semi-toroidal bottom of the working bowl ensures a perfectly homogeneous distribution of the components and enables a perfect use of the bowl. Parts are extracted manually.

VBTA range

The VBTA vibratory bowl guarantees the best performance in many applications and the complete separation of the pieces. Thanks to a three-dimensional movement and the particular shape of the bowl, the pieces move following a spiral orbit: the resulting  treatment is fast and effective, being at the same time delicate even with low vibrations.

VBTH range

The VBTH vibrator is modern and versatile, its main feature being an integrated unloading system which guarantees a rapid and complete separation between chips and pieces without operator intervention.

The movement of the separation flap can be manual or, if combined with a pneumatic cylinder and an electronic program, it can become fully automatic.

VBTS range

The VBTS vibrator is characterized by a rounded or double-rounded work bowl. The particular shape of the bowl guarantees an optimal uniformity of rotation even with low vibration amplitudes, reducing the contact between pieces.

For this reason the VBTS range is suitable for special treatments and delicate pieces like chemically accelerated processes, where a very low roughness is required.

The unloading is manual.


VBTSA range

The VBTSA vibrator is modern and efficient, thanks to the particular spiral shape of the bowl, assuring the best output during the treatment. The main advantages are: a complete automatic separation between pieces and chips (or balls), excellent performance, very long process time (up to 14 minutes for the biggest size), possibility of continuous flow. For this reason the VBTSA range is also appreciated in ball burnishing processes.

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